Von der Leyen and Michel sign trade treaty with Britain

Brussels – The President of the European Council and the Commission, Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen, have signed a Brexit trade agreement with the UK in front of the council’s cameras. “It is a balanced and fair agreement, which fully protects the fundamental interests of the European Union and creates stability and predictability for citizens and businesses,” Mitchell said. The agreement must be examined and approved by the Parliament of the European Union, probably in March, before it can be ratified by individual countries.

The UK will be the EU’s “best friend and ally” after Brexit, Assured the British Premier, Boris Johnson, Which reported to the House of Commons on a free trade agreement with Brussels this morning. The agreement will be put to vote in the Westminster Parliament today.

From January 1, when Brexit enters its full phase, the United Kingdom will work closely with the European Union as “a new relationship between equals”, assuring the Premier, explaining that Whenever our values ​​and interests satisfy the sovereign desire of the British people to live by their own laws, we will work “hand in hand”.. Johnson reminded lawmakers that the Free Trade Agreement with Brussels was being negotiated at “astonishing pace”. Less than a year later, amid the epidemic, “because making certainty about our future gives Kovid the best chance to beat and recover even more strongly next year”, underlined the premiere. Going into the details of the agreement, Johnson noted for example that the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland for the fisheries sector, would benefit from newly planned investments in the region.

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