Vodafone will end EU roaming in Britain this summer

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Cellular use in the UK may soon become less attractive to travelers due to Brexit. With Vodafone, the first network operator ends the EU roaming situation in the United Kingdom.

Vodafone is currently informing customers via SMS that the EU roaming rules in Great Britain will only apply by the end of June 2021. This has been reported by Teltaarif with reference to the appropriate customer SMS. The company has already confirmed this information officially.

Upcoming changes should apply to all prepaid offers and contracts for private customers with Vodafone. This is Britain’s response to Brexit. The EU roaming regulation will remain in force until 31 June 2021 for visits to Great Britain. This means that all services of a mobile phone contract can also be used while living in Great Britain at no additional charge. At least Vodafone can only guarantee this by the specified date.

However, it is still unclear what mobile phone costs will apply to Vodafone customers in Great Britain from 1 July 2021. According to Vodafone, negotiations are still underway with mobile network operators in Great Britain as to how roaming regulations will be handled in the future. Vodafone is a UK company and it remains to be seen whether this will be a greater benefit or disadvantage for negotiations.

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New telecom tariffs offer EU roaming in Great Britain

So while Vodafone is still negotiating, Deutsche Telekom is apparently already one step ahead: this week, Telecom launched new data tariffs with longer contract periods and changed data tariffs on a prepaid basis. In all these charges, Telecom clearly states that the terms of EU roaming in Great Britain also apply. In addition, Telecom offers EU roaming as a special facility in Switzerland, although the country does not belong to the European Union.

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Telefónica is not aware of any plans to change the EU roaming conditions for O2 customers when they live in Great Britain. As with Telecom, Telefonica states that EU roaming will also initially apply to visits to Great Britain. How long this will last is not known yet.

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