Virus can hibernate for 5 years in survivors

The Ebola virus can remain silent in the human body for at least five years. At least, this is to be remembered from the survey conducted by three laboratories: the Guinea Infectious Disease Research and Training Center (Serfig) in partnership with the French Development Research Institute (IRD); Laboratory of the Hemorrhagic Fever Project in Guinea and the Institut Pasteur in Dakar, Senegal.

“Generate a new pandemic”

“Our study shows that the virus can hibernate in the human body for at least five years, then wake up and cause a new pandemic.”, specifically stated alpha keeta, microbiologist at the University of Montpellier-TransVHMI and deputy director of Serfig, expressed his thanks for the trust he had made for a French media. The scientist took this opportunity to draw everyone’s attention to the quite deadly nature of this disease.

concern for west africa

This indicates that the phenomenon of hibernation has been recorded in former carriers of the virus and who sometimes show no symptoms of the disease. According to microbiologists, there is reason to be concerned about this phenomenon. “This incidence of resurgence from former Ebola patients, sometimes asymptomatic, is unexpected. However, there are more than ten thousand of these ‘survivors’ in West Africa alone.”, commented alpha keeta.

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