Virtual meeting Tuesday between Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden

This virtual bilateral summit will be the first of its kind between Joe Biden and the leader of another country.

This week, a White House spokesman specified that Joe Biden has no plans to meet with foreign leaders at this time due to a health crisis.

The management of the epidemic, economic recovery and trade relations between the two countries, in particular, should be at the center of their discussions.

According to a statement from the Canadian government, the two leaders will discuss specifically Strong economic reforms, growth and employment generation of the middle class, maintenance of efficient supply chains, climate change, bilateral relations in the energy sector, defense and security sectors, and promotion of diversity and inclusion..

American protectionism

In Ottawa, the protectionist objectives of the Biden administration are causing concern.

Last month, the US president signed an executive order requiring his government to buy more goods and services from American companies.

This gesture came to toughen the law Buy american. It is clear that if we find that the Buy American policy is harmful to our business, we will make it known.Foreign Minister Mark Gernue told the CBC last month.

In response, Deputy Prime Minister Crystalline Freeland said: When someone says [du] Buy American Act, you have to understand that the commercial exchange relationship between Canada and the United States is special, special. The United States sells more to Canada than Japan, China and the United Kingdom.

Joe Biden also promised to spend $ 2 trillion Green American Economy. This huge plan to renew the infrastructure of our country, which is being finalized, may also include Claus Buy american.

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Canada intends to join this strategy as a partner and take advantage of the business opportunities that these historical spending will represent south of the border.

La Giffle Keystone XL

Last month, in a phone call, before President Biden with a foreign leader, Justin Trudeau expressed disappointment at the invalidation of the Keystone XL pipeline construction permit by the new administration.

However, the Canadian Prime Minister did not mention sanctions or retaliatory measures suggested by some provincial premiers.

Joe Biden’s admission suggests that he does not intend to rescind the ruling which was an election promise.

The last Democratic President, Barack Obama, chose Canada for his first official visit in 2009. There was great excitement in the federal capital from his visit.

Many US presidents, such as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, have chosen Canada as their first destination for an official visit.

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