#VillageFrancophone’s startup monopolizes CES podium in Vegas

Our startup sparked the Côte d’Azur Monaco area at CES in Las Vegas 2021 at #VillageFrancophone, which ended last week, and was held in 100% digital“Julian Bonnell, Village Coordinator, is quite proud of the results of this first introduction. Upcoming events promise great things.

Of the 300 startups in the world that were chosen to participate in this large scale of innovation, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, for the first time in 100% digital, selected 105 to present their solutions There were 200 experts, decision makers and other investors. And among these nuggets, 4 out of 12 have been awarded to the Riviera:

4 French Riviera Women On Catwalks

Bodyguard: Nioise, introduced its disgusting content detection solution thanks to a technique made of multiple layers of artificial intelligence, placed second in the #TechForBusiness category of French-speaking pitches.

Exact: Also based in Nice, the startup talked about its digital twin for personalized medicine and ranked 2nd for English-speaking pitches in the #TechForLife category.

Videtics: With its in-depth learning solution (built in Sofia Antipolis) to solve the challenges of tomorrow’s cities, it ranks 3rd out of French-speaking pitches in the #TechForCity category.

Weaver: The “Mobility Coaching” solution, in which you’re a hero, is based in Sofia Antipolis, ranked 2nd for English-speaking pitches in the #TechForCity category.

and also

For Francophone Village, Julian Bonnell also wanted to thank the other startups selected for the pitches:

Bodio (Telemedicine booth sprinkled with artificial intelligence located in Nice), Support (An intuitive integration platform for data and application management located in Sofia Antipolis) and Qualisto (Based in Nice, specializing in optimizing the company’s energy consumption).

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Also, those who applied: Ezco (Sophia Antipolis), Instant Systems France (Valbonne) and Yogosha (Paris)

Result Link: https: //lnkd.in/dnPFbnB

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