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The second half of Vikings’ season 6 ended on Canal +. If we know that a spin-off should see daylight, then producer Michael Heyer has another historical clown up his sleeve, which is pretty obvious: the Great Plague of London in 1665…

After 6 seasons and 7 years of loyal service on the History Channel, the excellent historical series created by Michael Hairst has just ended with the posting of the last 10 episodes on CANAL +. We clearly know the person is not finished with his Vikings, as a spin-off series, called Vikings Vallah and ordered by Netflix, should be put on the stage this year.

However, Hairst has not ended its association with Chanel history Channel. Showrunner has another trump card up its sleeve: a historical mini-series, the subject of which strangely echoes the current global health situation…

This will be a short series in this case that will see the ravages of the bubonic plague in seventeenth-century England. Entered the plague year, it would be in 1665 in London. The event will follow the fate of individuals who have chosen to flee the city, such that it will be interested in those who do not do it. ‘Not wanted or able to leave, forced to survive until the city collapses on its own …

The plague that devastated the city that year: it killed about 75,000 people, or about 20% of the city’s population. It is the last major plague epidemic in the UK. It is a milestone in the advent of modern epidemiological ideas. With the great plague of Marseille of 1720, it also represents the emergence of an epidemic management carried out at the level of a nation, through the prism of public health policy carried out by a central power.

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Vikings: How does the series end after season 6?

The English authorities were alerted to the plague epidemic in 1663, which shocked Amsterdam. Port closure and maritime quarantine were all the more rigorous as the Netherlands was at war with England in March 1665. Contemporaries at the time attributed the London plague to imports from Holland, such as bundles of fur or silk. But historians are divided. Some people favor a local hypothesis, because of the quarantine and the fact that the epidemic started on the outskirts of the city and not near the port. Other for epidemics by import; Quarantine can also be bypassed to a great extent.

Either way, the subject is absolutely fascinating. And gave the audience a taste for showing their actors and actresses as dirty and mare Vikings, We can already imagine an apocalyptic painting Plague year.

While Hurt will be executive producer, this mini-series will be written by Coleman Herbert, who wrote the script for Rectify, Big Love or The Path series. We cannot wait to roam the streets of London with our population locked in our homes to avoid any outside contact…

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