Viewed from UK. Shame ! In France, Boris Johnson is more popular than Macron

A poll published by the French magazine Le Pointe sums up this conservative magazine. In a country where political arrogance is the norm, the “ordinary type” side of the British prime minister appeals to almost all categories of voters.

“Owl!” with enthusiasm the audience, In French in the text. in the land of VI The men of the Republic and the future, President Emmanuel Macron, do not oppose the “Johnson frenzy”. Particularly popular in the United Kingdom, the tenor at 10 Downing Street is equally popular on the other side of the channel. “See more”, Conservative weekly, a magazine poll assures Point Support. “It must be said that the bar is low, ostentatious the audience, When we see how the President of France is not liked globallyā€¯ in country.

“The fact that it is not a minor difference, but a difference” between two men. According to the survey published by the French magazine classified on the right, The former mayor of London gathered a favorable opinion of 51% of those who voted, “10 points more than Emmanuel Macron”.

loved from far away

Even better, “The prime minister disregards political seriousness, seduces all voters, from farthest left to far right”. Also a supporter of the founder of La Republique en Marcheo “Believe that the COVID-19 crisis has been managed better in the United Kingdom than in France”, Welcome to London Magazine.

If the elite leaves it, especially in Paris, then there is Boris Johnson on the other side. “especially popular with Deep France”, to link the audience, Once again in the language of Moliere. in part “Thanks to his visibility as mayor of the capital at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, but also because he is recognized as the enforcer of Brexit.” Overall, 85% of the respondents “Know who he is

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