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Rambolet: Jean Castex presents the Legion of Honor posthumously to Stephanie Monfetter

Ramboillet received a national tribute to Stephanie Monfeture this Friday, 30 April. This police officer was assassinated on Friday 23 April by a radical Tunisian at the Ramboulet police station where he worked. During the tribute, chaired by Jean Castex, the Prime Minister posthumously honored the mother of this family, who “served her country”. Figaro Live

Kovid-19: Three cases of Indian edition discovered in Novell-Aquitaine area

A total of three cases of the Indian version of the Kovid-19 were found in Novell-Aquitaine, a second in Lot-a-Garne and a third in Bordeaux, the Regional Health Agency announced on Friday. Figaro Live

Deconfinement: Matching Measures?

Are there decomposition measures to work with? We discuss with our guests, Gilliam Bigot, political scientist and researcher Fergen Azahari of IREF Europe. Figaro Live

Deconfinement: Rennes restaurateurs welcome announcements while nightclubs await

Terrace, sports hall, curfew … Emmanuel Macron unveiled a schedule of “four stages” deconfiguration on Thursday 29 April, which should intensify from 19 May to 30 June, despite the fragile health condition. “We are happy to start with the roofs”: Congratulations to the owner of a restaurant from Rennes. The deconfiguration calendar has been well received in its profession, but has been displaced by nightlife that considers itself a “great blunder” of deinfinement. Figaro Live

Israel: 44 killed in massive stampede on Orthodox Jewish pilgrimage

The biggest rally in Israel since the start of the Kovid epidemic turned into a nightmare on Friday, April 30 when a huge stampede left at least 44 people during an Orthodox Jewish pilgrimage to the north of the country. As the night progressed, the toll grew heavier, with rescue teams and medical sources rising from “20 injured” to “dozens” of dead, then at the end of the tragedy in Mont Meron, at least 44 were dead. Rescuers initially mentioned standing up to explain these injuries before talking of a huge “stampede”. Figaro Live

Tribune des General: Unreasonable sanctions?

Are the sanctions attributed to those who have signed on stage? We discuss with our guests, Gilliam Bigot, political scientist and researcher Fergen Azahari of IREF Europe. Figaro Live

United Kingdom: Mayflower, an unmanned boat, prepares to cross the Atlantic

No one is on board, but seen by a team of researchers from afar, the Mayflower 400 will attempt to reach the United States from England next month – a tribute to the original Mayflower who made the same trip 400 years ago. This autonomous vessel, capable of making its own decisions, could revolutionize scientific research on the oceans. Figaro Live

May 3 on Monday’s schedule

As soon as someone asks for live news…

  • 10h : « Buzz TV » With Gwendolyn Hamon, Actress in “ Cassandra On France »3.
  • 12h : Sandra RejolThe Deputy National Secretary of EELV will be the guest. « chit chat ». She will answer the questions‘Yavas Thrard.
  • 17 H: « point of view ». Will be guests Patrick peloux, Emergency doctor, and Laurent Alexander, Surgeon and essayist.
  • 19h30 : public hearing With Public Senate. Philip martinez, General Secretary of CGT, will be our guest.
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