Video / Unusual – TikTok’s dangerous tendency to file your teeth for “a perfect smile”

A crazy world! According to the electronic newspaper, an alarming trend where we see young people peaking at crowning their teeth is tobacco on the social network, this prompted a dentist to condemn the practice on TikTok. inspired.

The goal of extreme teeth whitening would be to have a “Hollywood smile” with “perfectly white” teeth.


I’m not lying to you I feared for my life when I saw my teeth..

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+ “The consequences are very serious” +

Dental surgeon “Doctor Kevin” assures in a video published on his TikTok account that “no dentist in France would agree to do it on healthy teeth”, because the consequences are very serious, for example: cavities, Loss of vitality of the tooth…

Furthermore, he confirmed that: “The crowns of impactors fit so we cut around, we eliminate as much healthy tissue as possible and that makes the tooth very sensitive”.

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On the other hand, “Doctor Kevin” believes in achieving a patient who resorted to this practice five years ago in Turkey: “As a result, all the teeth decayed, up to the root, so all the teeth were left behind. Remove, He explains.

Result: “He will have dentures by age 30”, says the dental surgeon, who explains that “everyone is free to do what he wants but his role is to explain the potential risks”.


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