Video. Media and crisis: in Auga, African press calls for resilience

#other countries : Participants in the Ninth International Festival of Freedom of Expression and Press (FILP) were interested in the dual security and health context in Africa that the media faces.

In Ouagadougou, the international celebration of freedom of expression and the press is in full swing. About thirty countries are participating in this edition including Niger, Ghana, Mali, Benin and Cte d’Ivoire. Through its central theme “Security, health and media resilience in the face of political crises”, the Organizing Committee intends to encourage reflection about the major cross-cutting issues affecting the countries of the Sahel.

“It is important that the media can play its part in this complex situation, in the face of all these crises. How can the media present itself, what role and how can it contribute in giving better information to the citizens? ”asks Abdoulaye Diallo, the coordinator of the festival.

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Indeed, many press organizations suffer from the current general context, which is difficult for the practice of journalism. The subsidies (public aid) often provided to them are becoming scarce, no longer a priority for some states.

In addition to the work of this edition, much emphasis has been placed on the idea of ​​appealing to private financial capital for the benefit of the media. In other words, it is a question of banks finding adequate financing and support mechanisms for the organs of the press. Any innovation that can inspire quality work in the media.

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“Our states need to think of a sustainable press financing system with very clear terms and criteria so that these bodies can become viable companies in three, four or five years,” explains journalist and publication director Hassan Kohn. of newspaper rainbow in Mali.

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Another participant, Agbojoh-Guidih Alexandre, says this pace also needs to take into account cleanliness within the profession.

“There is much work to be done and the reapers are few. So, which means that we, African journalists, must stand up as one man to be able to go up against these lost sheep who find themselves in the corporation so that we have little respect”, loose-t – Hey.

This version does all its activities on three different sites. Film Screenings, Fairs and Exhibitions, Conferences, Debates, Sports Activities and Awards Ceremony 9I Edition of this International Festival of Freedom of Expression and Press (FILEP).

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