Video. Mali: G5 Sahel Interparliamentary Committee meeting in Bamako wants to move lines

#mauritania : Held this Thursday at the Bamako International Conference Center, the second plenary assembly of the G5 Sahel Interparliamentary Committee seeks to shift lines in relations between the authorities, international security forces and parliaments of the five countries.

MPs from Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad met during the second plenary meeting of the G5 Sahel Interparliamentary Committee in Bamako this week, under the theme: “Strengthening citizen participation in development and peace initiatives in the Sahel: Parliamentarians’ Role “.

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The purpose of this meeting between the people’s representatives of the five countries is to develop a new inter-parliamentary dynamic in the dialogue of higher international bodies on the questions of the Sahel.

The participants clearly stated that they wanted to bring about a change in the way the situation in the Sahel was resolved by participating in the search and implementation of solutions alongside the authorities and international organizations.

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From the very beginning, the presidents of the national assemblies of the 5G-5 countries took stock of the political and security situation in their respective countries. They unanimously invited the international community to further strengthen their support for the G5 Sahel countries.

For his part, the chairman of the National Transitional Council of Mali (CNT, Colonel Malik Diav) recalled that this second plenary assembly is being held in a context marked in Mali by a change of leadership at the top of the transition. It aims to redefine the current transition process to give it a better chance of achieving the objectives assigned by the Malian people in the desired direction.

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