Video Legislative assembly elections in Israel: Netanyahu led, but no guarantee to form government

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed last night, March 23, 2021, “a major victory for the right” in legislative elections, the fourth in nearly two years in Israel, but he still has to work to rally enough support Will form government.

If Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud finished first, according to estimates, he and his allies still lacked a few votes to collect the majority of seats, thus shining the spotlight on Nautley Bennett of the Tenth Decade of Radical Right, Those who have not yet said whether or not Netanyahu was going to join the camp.

“Thank you, citizens of Israel. You have led me to the right and given Likud a landslide victory (…) It is clear that the majority of Israeli citizens are on the right and the right wing wants government, strong and stable”, Benjamin Netanyahu responded Expressing that Neftley has spoken to Bennett and “to reach out to officials who have chosen all the principles, barring none”.

According to exit polls, Lisud won between 31 and 33 seats out of 120 in the Knesset (parliament), ahead of Yash Atid (“there is a future”). The party of the moderate Yar Lapid is credited with 16 to 18 seats.

“heal wounds”

In this discovery of The Granny – a majority of 61 deputies to form the government – Benjamin Netanyahu is relying on alliances with religious groups and, with novelty, the farthest. For his part, Yar Lapid is counting on an agreement with the leftist parties at the center, but also disappointed by the prime minister.

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However, according to revised estimates during the night, Netanyahu Block and his rival Yar Lapid, who counted stronger results than anticipated from the left, would each receive more than fifty seats.

It is therefore considered an important “kingmaker” for Benjamin Netanyahu to rally in support of Naftley Bennett, hoping to form a right-wing government.

“We understand that the burden of responsibility rests on our shoulders (…) This power that you have given me, I will use by following one principle: what is good for Israel, what is good for the citizens of Israel.” , ‚ÄĚReacted Naftali Bennett overnight.

“The time has come to heal the wounds, to clear the divide,” he said, adding that the mystery still hangs with the intention of joining a pro or anti-Netanyahu coalition, or even Camp to try to rally around them as an option for these two.

For his part, Your Lapid could try to rally Natalie Bennett or Arab hostile malice to Benjamin Netanyahu in an attempt to remove the North from the latter’s power.


For this fourth episode of the electoral saga that appeared like a referendum on Benjamin Netanyahu, both tried for “corruption” and the architect of an intense anti-coronavirus vaccination campaign, some 6.5 million Israelis were invited for elections .

And after three close ballots, analysts were expecting a kind of “electoral fatigue”. They were not wrong: The Election Commission cited a participation rate of 67.2%, down 4.3 points since the last election in March 2020.

If the Commission announced the participation rate last night on March 23, 2021, it still plans to disclose the full results on the following Friday.

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The Passover holiday will follow, the Jewish Passover, then President Ryuven Rivlin will ask the newly-elected to choose a candidate to rally a majority of seats to lead the next government.

“Vaccination Campaign”

Benjamin Netanyahu began his election campaign with an agreement with a pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, which allowed Kovid to receive millions of doses of the vaccine quickly to Israel from late December in exchange for biomedical data.

Since then the country has carried out one of the most intensive vaccination campaigns in the world, giving two essential doses to about 50% of the population.

If the prime minister played on vaccination, the opposition made cabbage their test for “corruption”, “embezzlement” and “abuse of power”, starting a few months ago and fueling demonstrations across the country every Saturday during the 39 weeks. .

On Saturday evening, thousands of protesters in Jerusalem again shouted “Yalla Clear Bibi”, or “Bye Bye Bibi”, which they named “Minister of Crime”, but which their supporters affectionately called “Bibi, King” Were calling for the departure of. Of Israel “.

Rockets were fired from the Palestinian Gaza Strip, in an Israeli town where Benjamin Netanyahu was staying and crashed unannounced on election night. According to the AFP team, that night, Israeli forces launched retaliatory strikes on the Gaza Strip.

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