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Impressive images taken on the Spanish island of La Palma in the tourist archipelago of the Canaries show a real “lava tsunami”. The volcanic eruption is not set to stop “in the short or medium term”, warn experts monitoring the volcano, which has been spitting lava for three and a half weeks.

At present, the level of sulfur dioxide emitted by the Cumbre Vieja volcano “does not allow us to think that the end of the eruption could interfere in the short or medium term,” said committee spokesman María Jose Blanco. The Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (PEVOLCA) during a news conference on the island of La Palma.

Other experts also referred to the “weeks” or “months” of the first eruption.

La Palma Island, which has 85,000 inhabitants, is currently experiencing its third eruption in a century, after the San Juan volcano in 1949 and the volcano of Teneguía in 1971. It started on 19 September.

“Volcanic activity does not stop and it does not appear that we will see a decrease in it in the coming days,” Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said. Why grain?

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According to Miguel ngel Morcuende, Pevolca’s technical director, the lava, which the volcano erupts continuously, did not cause hunting, but it covered about 640 hectares and destroyed more than 1,400 buildings, including 764 homes.

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In all, more than 6,000 people, some of whom lost everything, had to be evacuated in front of the advancing lava.

La Palma airport, which has had to close twice due to ash from the volcano, is currently operational and, given the weather forecast, is expected to operate normally for at least the next four days, said Miguel ngel Morcuende. According.

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