Video games for kids: Be the king of the canopy with “Gibbon: Beyond the Trees”

This fully tactile platform game embellishes the incredible agility of the Asian Gibbon. Informing us about the dangers of this species of monkey. From 7 years old.

The watercolor typed graphics are naive and welcoming, able to evoke these tropical jungle landscapes of Southeast Asia. Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Places the player in the shoes of a gibbon, this arboreal monkey with oversized weapons that make it one of the best acrobats in the animal kingdom. Sitting quietly on top of his very beautiful umbrella, the player must learn the basics of brachiation, the gibbon’s spectacular mode of movement based on swing, through his mother. It doesn’t look like the baby is firmly glued to his chest. But the black smoke slowly entering this panorama of lush green vegetation certainly does not augur well…

Specifically designed for smartphones and tablets, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is one Runner, that is, a subgenre of platform games in which the player’s avatar moves in a straight line through only one level. With its two-dimensional reading axis, the primary purpose is to move further to the right of the screen. The particularly pleasant nature of its navigation owes much to its extremely simple tactile ergonomics.

With intuitive and well-thought-out tactile ergonomics,

With intuitive and well-thought-out tactile ergonomics, “Gibbon: Beyond the Trees” delivers great sensation.

Broken Rules / Apple Arcade

Two inches to the touch and a handful of finesse are enough to quickly become a virtuoso of high aerobatic acrobatics. From branch to branch between basic hooks, impressive slides and somersaults, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Provides splendid sensations combining enthusiasm and poetry. Contrast becomes all the more important when you land on dry land: The Gibbon’s silliness and awkwardness almost make it an intimate variation. albatross by Charles Baudelaire.

sound the alarm

In ten chapters lasting about two hours, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Doesn’t offer particularly high difficulty. The real challenge, therefore, is to transcribe the concern posed by the future of the species. Austrians from Broken Rules cleverly remind us that these magnificent primates are at risk of extinction because of the fires linked to the massive deforestation of their habitat. Similarly, an attempt to flee from armed individuals indicates that they are victims of intense poaching. So, while energizing and uplifting, the experience Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Yet reminds us of a sad reality that must be avoided.

To play
You Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Broken Rules / Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is available on subscription offer. Coming soon to PC and Nintendo Switch. From 7 years old.

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