Video. “Extraordinary and unreal”: a British couple won almost 217 million euros in EuroMillions

When he woke up on Wednesday, May 11, Joe Thwaite couldn’t believe it. “When I woke up, I checked my emails and some were saying I had won an award. I opened the app, logged in, then saw the amount. I put down the phone, picked it up and looked at Rashi again. I thought at first it was in the thousands…”, he explains, with a wide smile on his lips in a television program.

He had just won £184,262,899 (approximately 217 million euros). A record in the UK. “It’s unbelievable, unreal”, describes Thwaite. After hearing the news, he waited for his wife Jess Thwaite to wake up and tell her. “I was going to work. And since I work with my mom and sister and can’t lie to them, I asked Joe if I could tell them. When I told my mother about it, So she cried and wept bitterly,” she says. “It’s a big relief for us. Like everyone with problems with bills, we’re all like normal families who have these problems, so it was a huge relief.

Thanks to this benefit, the couple wants to buy their dream home. “We were already looking for a home,” explains Joe Thwaite. Now we have no more limits, no need to put any filters”, he says with a laugh. The previous record in the United Kingdom is from 2017. It was £170 million. The winner wished to remain anonymous.

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