VIDEO César 2022: Marine Delterme gets very emotional after her husband Florian Zeller’s reward

Friday 25 February, Caesar was awarded to Florian Zeller for Best Foreign Film Father, A real pride for his fellow Marine Delterme, the public at Olympia was greatly moved.

Abhishek can’t seem to stop Father, a film by Florian ZellerAdapted from his own play The Father, has already won prestigious international awards: two BAFTAs in the United Kingdom and above all two Oscars in the United States, each time for Best Actor for Anthony Hopkins and for Best Adapted Screenplay. .

After this success abroad, it was only at home that the father came to know about Abhishek. Cesar for Best Foreign Film Presented by the beautiful Emma McKay. Who else would come and assemble the statue besides the man, without whom this success would never have seen the light of day, Florian Zeller, along with his co-screenwriter Christopher Hampton. but the director was also very good with In the Hall of Olympia.

unwavering support

was really by his side Marine Delterme, Alice Nevers’ legendary interpreter for 20 years in TF1’s eponymous series, all dressed in green for the occasion. Since 2010 his wife was particularly shaken when she saw him again on a stage to receive a statuette that had some special flavor this time: it is only the second time in history that Caesar won for Best Foreign Film. Is. .. a French director, almost 40 years later name of rose by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Marine Delterme and Florian Zeller seem to be forming in any case a couple still as connectedEven though the director did not pay tribute to his partner this time during his speech. What he had done so far in Los Angeles after receiving his Oscar: “Thanks to my wife Marine for supporting meWith all his love and all his patience!” He launched in front of the gratin of American cinema. This time, the public can already know who Marine Delterme is and what importance does she have in the life of the father of her son, Roman.

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