Video. Camille’s Chronicle: Cycling and Air Pollution

The imaginative Parisian wears a striped sweater, a mustache, a berry and a bagulet under his arm, and of course, he rides around the Eiffel Tower by bike. Fascinating picture, isn’t it? In truth, pollution can spoil this beautiful picture. Fortunately, in general, physical activity is more beneficial than pollution is harmful.

More pollution in the interior of the car than on the road

When we play sports, we breathe 4 to 10 times more air, and hence pollution. And if you feel that you are protected from pollution, your car is well sheltered, know that it is exactly the opposite. According to the AirParif Association, the limited air in the car is actually more concentrated in the pollutants, which eventually get trapped in the passenger compartment. So much so that we are actually more exposed in the car than on the road!

Fine particles, most dangerous for health

And bicycle? Even if the air is polluted, we know that sports such as cycling improve heart health and morale, reduce the risk of cancer and make your quadriceps shine. So, between the arms and the polluted lungs, what do we do? It all depends on the level of pollution, and especially on the amount of fine particles. They are the smallest, and therefore the most dangerous, because they can reach the bloodstream from our lungs. According to a 2015 Agence Santé Publique France calculation, the finer the particles in the air, the longer the cycling time.

Eight-hour cycling in Paris

But be assured, because in the end the advantages of cycling outweigh the risks. Of course in Delhi India, you will be able to cycle only for half an hour. It must be said that it is one of the most polluted cities in the world. In each cubic meter of air, there are 122 micrograms of microscopic particles about 7 times more than Paris. Suddenly, as long as there is not a peak in pollution, there is no concern for your Parisian, you will be able to spend eight hours in your saddle in peace.

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I calculated, that’s 240 times around the Eiffel Tower! It is tourists who will be happy.

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