Video. BIM, BAM, and BOUM: Cartridges rain during the final day of the Champions Cup

The last matches before Christmas were at the European Cup last week… for those who could stand. With Covid taking its toll again, we eventually only saw a clash between the British in the Champions Cup, or almost, Castre was able to travel to M√ľnster. And let’s just say that the main cast concerned was in the theme!

Cup Champions. him again ! Marcus Smith’s incredible effort against CardiffVery busy, cartridges were fired at most of the meetings. From Courtney Laws to Duane Vermeulen, passing through the young third line of Glasgow Rory Dardge (21 years old), they are many for moving meat across the United Kingdom. The most impressive “hit” of all? Perhaps Welshman James Botham on the England team’s new number 8 Alex Dombrandt. On a throw shortly after touchdown, the 24-year-old literally flipped like a pancake to Cardiff’s No. Rarely have we seen a Harlequins (1m93 for 120kg) spearhead stop like this. The next one who is able to do this again, we offer him a chocolate log from Puyricard!

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