VIDEO A LREM deputy becomes a laughingstock of Internet users after proper reframing on BFM TV

Julien Borowczyk, as the deputy of La République en Marche, incorrectly made inaccurate comments about vaccination on BFM TV. But journalist Philip Corb confronts him with his mistake: a big moment of fact-checking on social networks.

You can’t always say anything on a TV set. On this Monday 26 April, Julian Borowski made a bitter observation on BFM TV. This general practitioner, the sixth constituency deputy for Lorepublic en Marche for Loire, tried to minimize the delay of France’s vision of the United Kingdom on a vaccination campaign. The politician assured that our neighbors still had too many doses to inject. “ They get vaccinated much faster than us for the second dose “, Then pointed to journalist Philip Corb.” Finally, at the moment, we are still far from the figure, as they lag behind us in terms of people vaccinated in two doses… », Julian Borowski emphasized. ” No, they are right in front of us “, Their negotiator maintained.” and and, Julienne Borowski. I can assure you, you can look at the numbers. Philippe Corb was therefore happy to go and check again. A few minutes later he put the deputy back in place, Who apparently shared incorrect information.

Deputy Julian Borowski drew a lot of criticism on Twitter

« We are in France at 14 million first doses, slightly more than 5.5 million second doses. Just seen UK figures updated at exactly 1:26 pm. 33,752,000 first dose, 12,897,000 second dose, Reported to Philip Corb. These are official figures. Rather embarrassed, Julian Borowski advocates good faith : « These are not the numbers I had, but hey… But Philip Corb was not done with him: Distraught to see politicians with facts and figures, he set the record straight.

Julian Borowski tries to interrupt him. “ Let me finish it. You disputed the numbers I was giving so let me finish », Emphasized the journalist. “ Calm down anyway. We will calm down, Launched the deputy with a masked smile. You are of rare elegance … »Impenetrable, Philippe Corb left at the end of his intervention : « Three weeks ago we were as effective as the UK in the second tier. In three weeks, we fell behind not only on the first dose, but on the second dose., He remembered. it’s a fact. »

on Twitter, This crop of Julian Borowski has been praised by many internet users. Many criticized the MP for his behavior and misinformation: ” It is you who are ineligible. You cut to hide your inability »,« Classic technique: I am put back in my place, so I shut down my interlocutor for something aggressive and inept ”, The watchers got angry. “ Caught in a poison pot “, Deputy was heavily criticized: Some called it” Professional liar While others have given him the benefit of the doubt that he can imagine that he is not ready for his appearance on BFM TV. “ Politicians like to sound like clowns, it makes you wonder if they are working and educating themselves on the situation “, For example a Twitter user dropped. Anyway, Julian Borowski did not make a good impression.

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