Victoria 3: a new strategy game from Paradox

The Victorian era saw the world thankfully for new technologies, but thanks to new ways of thinking or even understanding politics. Among these innovations, railroads, wires, steamboats, the birth of aviation, military service, or even the campaign for emancipation and women’s rights can be cited. This turbulent century comes to life Victoria 3, A historical grand strategy game by paradox.

Over the years, the community has been struggling for a sequel to one of Paradox’s most iconic games. Victoria 3 is already one of the most anticipated strategy games in the history of the publisher. It is set in the Victorian era, a time that is experiencing major changes. Pay attention to the needs and wants of the people, each with its own political and material priorities.

If conservative parties risk opposing certain political reforms, more and more businessmen and intellectuals want, for their part, to have a greater stake in the management of the nation. Trade and monetize, along with the rest of the world, a wide range of products to ensure that you meet the needs of your residents. If people started to starve and were deprived of their fundamental rights, it would not take much time for the revolutions to organize themselves.

About Victoria 3 About

  • A complete social simulation: cultural, economic and ideological divisions struggle for access to power and resources in one of the most historically described games
  • Maintain your national park: Feed, educate and prepare your people for the future, thus improving their prosperity and ensuring their prosperity.
  • Miracles of the Industrial Age: Scientific and Social Progress gives you an opportunity to improve the lives of your citizens.
  • A sophisticated economic system: import goods to reduce costs and export to others to enrich your citizens. Then tax them to finance your projects.
  • Be diplomatic: Maintain cordial relations with your neighbors or incite crisis to cut resources or force new markets to open
  • Political participation: manage the competitive interests of your government, make new reforms, even if it means risking revolution, if the voice of the majority is not heard
  • A wide and vibrant world: cities are large and industries darken the landscape. Play as one of dozens of countries around the world and try to make your way to the top.
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