“Victims of Abuse”. 17 former British gymnasts’ class action against the Federation

AGI – Seventeen former gymnasts, including three Olympians, have decided to initiate legal action against the British Federation for “systematic physical and psychological abuse” perpetrated by coaches.

Gymnasts have notified a letter to the sport’s most relevant governing body in the United Kingdom, where they state that, over a period of 6 to 23 years, is involved in “widespread and inappropriate use of physical force” by some coaches. Applications of weight control techniques “for no reason”.

Jennifer Pinches, who retired from international competitions at the 2012 London Olympics after helping the English team reach the finals, underlined that the federation gave more importance to the “podium” that achieved more than people realized could go.

“It is true of the abuse that we and so many people have faced knowing the level of abuse,” said the coordinator of the ‘Gymnasts for Change’ group, born to report abuse.

“This is only the beginning of achieving the radical changes we are asking for. We fight for justice.” campaign manager “Gymnast for change“Claire Halford, said You’re not talking about “some bad apples.” Within the system “but decades of abuse encouraged and covered by those at the top”.

The group says that “the hopes and dreams of countless children and teenagers to compete as professional gymnasts have been destroyed” and that “their love for sports is now conditioned by fear and suffering”. There is also formal apology and distortion of guidelines among the requests that determine training sessions today.

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