Verstappen: “Wolf must admit defeat” [VIDEO]

Just a week ago Max Verstappen became the world champion. The controversy has yet to subside for the final stage of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which saw the Dutchman win over Lewis Hamilton. After appearing at the Mercedes ceremony for Knight’s nomination and constructors’ title in the United Kingdom, the Englishman has yet to reveal his feelings on social networks. Apparently he asked the Brackley team for a few days to reflect on his future, a bitter defeat like this could even lead him to decide to retire from Formula 1.

In an interview published on the Sky Sport F1 website a few days ago, Verstappen, referring to Toto Wolff’s behavior these days, admitted that he should simply accept defeat:

“Toto Wolff is working hard for his team but I think he should accept defeat, no matter how painful it is. And I think that’s the difference between our two teams. I won’t go into too many details Will go, he wrote me a message to congratulate me on my win. In some circumstances I don’t agree with the referee and I won’t change my mind but it’s perfectly normal for people to argue. But I have a great relationship with the stewards “Sometimes it looks like they like to punish but you also know they are related to the rules, that’s their job. I think it’s good to discuss how to improve the future of our game.” “ has been selected by the new Google News service,
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