Vernon, a celebrity, has been criticized by viewers for his “annoying” habits

I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! Star Vernon K has been criticized by viewers for an annoying habit.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but many have begun to drop names regularly.

On Wednesday’s show, Vernon revealed to Giovanna that his favorite celebrity is Tom Hanks.

He met the Hollywood film star when he was a newcomer to T4 and Tom was promoting his The Polar Express.

So far, Vernon has talked about Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, Prince William and Kate Middleton and Brad Pitt.

“She was amazing, she was just the best actress,” Vernon said.

“I interviewed him for Polar Express but he was very nice and in the end I said I know it’s really unprofitable, do I have a chance to sign this DVD cover from Forrest Gump?

“And he doesn’t want to get into any trouble, so he signed to Vernon, good luck with the new Jig Tom Hanks.”

Vernon is not unfamiliar with omitting the name

Vernon then went on to explain that he had met the stars again in Eurostar’s press jacket for The Vinci Code.

“I’ll never forget it, II will see it now, Tom Hanks saw me and he just turned to Ron Howard (the film’s director) and he went ‘Oh this Vernon, he’s fine’.

I’m like, ‘She remembers my name!’ And he just turned around and said, oh he’s a very nice guy! “

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Shane Ritchie has also been accused of omitting his name

One viewer tweeted: “Dang Vernon is dropping the name because it’s not tomorrow. Surprise Hanks, DiCaprio? Who will come down after Dinaro?”

Another joke: “I was waiting to see how long it would take for Vernon to name any celebrity he saw at his local Argos.”

The third lamented: “How many more celebrities is Vernon going to drop next week? Beat is already upset”?

This is not the first time Vernon’s name has been dropped, as he and Shane Ritchie have both been charged before.

Vernon told a showbiz story about meeting Tom Hanks

Shane Ritchie told his campmates that at the time he and Tom Cruise went go-karting together until 5am.

Shane boasted: “Nicole Kidman and Tom I were shooting wide shots when I was doing Boogie Nights in the West End in 1999.

“And the BBC had a big indoor go karting track.

“I got a phone call from Charlie who was running it and he said you guys came in and I was going through a really public divorce at the time.”

Vernon then told the campmates about the time he had met with BRAC Pitt, Marx and Spencer.

He went on to say: “And that afternoon I went to pick up a few bits at my favorite DIY store.

“Kate and William stopped within their limits as I was crossing the road, what a day!”

“Angelina used to go to our Sciencebury,” he added.

* I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! He will return to ITV tomorrow at 9 pm.

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