Venus: female figures who keep their secrets

This article is taken from Indispensables de Sciences et Avenir’s n ° 204 for the dates January 2014 / March 2021.

Avatars of a mother goddess, fertility amulets, protective figures of pregnant women, even erotic objects? Studded in stone, ivory, or bone during the Gravettian (27,000 – 20,000 BCE), then the Magdalenians (13,000 – 9,000 BCE), take great pleasure in smearing the Venus lines scattered off the Atlantic coasts at the gates of Russia.

Venus with very contrasting silhouette

Wilndorff’s magnum opus of the famous Venus, was discovered in Austria in 1908, thus contrasting with the slender silhouette of the shameless Venus of Lurgerie-Bess, unearthed in Dordogne in 1864 and when the Lady of Brasampoy, wearing a Ivory Face-clad Lands. In 1894, the Lady of Raincourt, found in the Somme in 2019, is denied facilities, staring at us with her absent gaze. For the Venus of Lespu, who reappeared in Les Eyes in 1922, she sees another woman when he is upside down, but from the side, turns into a follower.

Men also maintain statuette blur

Fewer male statutes also maintain stains. Mostly straightforward, they may just be honest to a sect of masculinity as a fantasy of homosexuality, or even attempt to overcome erectile dysfunction. And what about the mixture of humans and animals? Birds, deer, bison or mammoths …

These hybrids can easily underline a pantheon of zoomorphic divisions as they bear witness to the power of the link that unites Sapiens to nature, which wants, why not, to appropriate its strength to certain species. Merge with. It may have been applied to a human-lion in the cave of Hollenstein-Stadl (Germany), carved from a huge breast, and dated to 35,000 years ago. A singular and always enigmatic hybridization.

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By Laura Dubasset-Chatlen

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