Venezuela: Mayer marked patients’ homes with Kovid-19

Venezuela’s prosecution has investigated the practices of the City of Sucre’s mayor (300 kilometers west of Caracas), which began marking patients’ homes with Kovid-19, the prosecutor announced on Wednesday.

Luis Adrian Duke, pro-Chavez mayor pro-strength, “marked the homes of patients suffering from Kovid-19” as part of a prevention campaign, wrote on Twitter prosecutor Tarek William Saab.

According to the prosecutor, this is an act of “isolation”. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has “removed unusual posters pasted on homes,” he said.

According to the video on the social network, the mayor had put up posters with red circles on the walls of the houses of the sick.

“In all the houses where a Kovid is a patient, you go there! Warning! Vivek is the best vaccine,” the mayor proudly stated in front of a poster.

Venezuela, with 30 million inhabitants, is facing a second wave of epidemics since the arrival of the “Brazilian version”. According to official figures, 165,000 cases have been reported in the country, including more than 20,000 in March, for more than 1,700 deaths since the onset of the epidemic. The opposition and NGOs believe that these figures have been grossly underestimated.

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