Venezuela expels top EU diplomat over new sanctions

The Venezuelan government on Wednesday ordered the expulsion of the European Union’s top diplomat from the South American nation following a decision by several Venezuelan officials to ban accusations of undermining democracy or violating human rights.

Isabel Brillant Pedrosa had 72 hours to leave the troubled country. Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreza said Brillante Pedrosa was declared a person with no personality by the decision of President Nicolas Maduro.

According to the “failure to respect public international law” and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, “circumstances of aggression leave no option”, Arreza said in a statement after a meeting with a European diplomat in the capital imprisonment.

“We are doing this because there are already 55 rulings, which they call sanctions in the European Union or the American system, as if they had a moral right, which is neither legal to them, nor citizens of any other country. To ban., “Ariza said.

The main opposition comes two days after the Venezuelan government took action against EU foreign ministers approving 19 Venezuelan officials, vacating their assets and preventing them from going into the block, citing the situation in Venezuela after the December 2020 elections. The parties boycotted these elections.

So far, 55 Venezuelan officials have been approved by the European Union.

European ministers said “those added to the list are primarily responsible for the opposition’s violation of electoral rights and the democratic functioning of the National Assembly and serious violations of human rights and sanctions.”

This is the second time in nearly eight months that Brillante Pedrosa has been declared a person with no personality and ordered to leave Venezuela. Both cases were related to EU sanctions against Maduro officials and allies.

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Last June, EU Foreign Affairs High Representatives Josep Borel and Brezza Peddrosa were able to remain in Venezuela, and Arareza agreed on the need to maintain diplomatic relations to “facilitate political dialogue”.

Arreaza on Wednesday called for the sanctions to be re-enforced, saying Maduro was “lenient” to European diplomats after several countries’ officially recognized leader Juan Guedo resided as the country’s legitimate leader .

Guedo, a former president of the National Assembly, declared himself interim president in 2019 and was recognized as the legitimate leader of Venezuela by 60 countries, arguing that Maduro’s re-election in 2018 was fraud. The countries that recognized Guaidó included Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Maduro has several times accused European countries and the United States of illegally trying to oust him from power.

‘International isolation’

Arreza on Wednesday gave protest notes to the ambassadors of France and Germany, as well as the heads of missions to Spain and the Netherlands. The Venezuelan government accused these countries of implementing new sanctions.

European Union spokesman Peter Steno urged the Venezuelan government to remove Brilhete Pedrosa, saying it would “only promote Venezuela’s international isolation”.

“Venezuela will only overcome its current crisis through negotiations and negotiations to which the EU is fully committed, but it directly affects the decision,” he said.

Hours later, Maduro said in a television appearance that “the European Union is welcome in Venezuela” as long as it is honorable and that Europeans “improve” their position.

Without it, “Gentlemen of the European Union,” there would be no dialogue.

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Venezuela has been engulfed in deep political, social and economic crisis due to declining oil prices and two decades of mismanagement by the country’s socialist governments. Venezuela has been in recession for years. Millions of people live in poverty amid high food prices, low wages, and double-digit inflation.

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