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Donald Trump on 26 January ordered Europeans to reopen borders, which Biden opposes

The outgoing US president announced on Monday evening that travelers from Europe and Brazil would be re-admitted to the United States from January 26. But minutes later, Joe Biden’s team, which will be invested in the presidency on January 20, indicated that US borders would remain closed. US President Donald Trump announced on Monday, 18 January, the reopening of US borders by 26 January to British, Irish and Brazilians in the Schengen area to European citizens. The decision is tied to the establishment, on the same date, of the obligation to present a negative screening test for coronovirus upon entry into the United States, the head of state said in a press release. Later, Joe Biden’s team, which will take over as President of the United States on 20 January, made it known that the US borders would remain closed to Europeans and Brazilians. “This is not the time to lift the ban on international travel,” said Jane Saki, who is officially due to take over as spokesperson for the new president on her Twitter account on Wednesday. “On our advice, the medical team, the (future) government does not intend to lift these restrictions on January 26,” Jane Saki wrote on Twitter. “Furthermore,” she said, “we face the proliferation of Kovid-19 Are planning to strengthen public health measures applicable to international travel. “To slow the progress of the chaotic infection epidemic, Donald. Trump borders the United States in the Schengen area on March 26, 2020. 11 Discontinued in March 2020, then the United Kingdom and Ireland on the 14th, before doing the same for Brazil on May 24. There is another episode of a transition in modern American history, with outgoing President Donald Trump’s team of Joe Biden Intends to reduce contact with. Donald Trump plans to leave Washington well in advance of his successor’s inauguration ceremony on Wednesday. The United States is currently facing the worst phase of the nation, which has more than 20,000 People know. Death in last six days. With AFP

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