Vegetarian or non-vegetarian? twin brother comparison test

Which diet is healthy? This question has been raised by scientists at King’s College London, who conducted an experiment on twin brothers: one has temporarily gone vegetarian, the other mainly meat and dairy products.

For twelve weeks, Hugo and Ross Turner played guinea pig for scientists at King’s College London. The twin brothers, both healthy and athletic, have agreed to change their eating habits: Hugo has gone vegetarian, while Ross adopts a diet focused on meat and dairy products. BBC followed this experiment, whose goal was to document the effects on his body.

Which of these two diets is the healthiest? That question remains unanswered till the end of the video. In the latter, both brothers share all the effects felt.

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Hugo and Ross are genetically identical, and they continued to receive the same daily caloric intake throughout the experiment, while following a similar exercise routine. As the days passed, Hugo’s body began to feel the beneficial effects of his vegetarian diet. He tells the British Channel:

I ate a lot of whole foods, so my sugar needs were better met during the day. I felt like I had more energy.”

For his part, Ross, who continued to eat meat, made a different observation:

There were days when I was full of energy in the gym and others when I had a major drop in form.

every living being is unique

As the video explains, “It doesn’t matter how much sugar you eat, it matters” Rather “The Way Your Body Processes It”, And throughout the experiment, scientists were interested to see how the bodies of these twins reacted to their intake of sugar and fat. Although the study was done on twins, each organism is unique.

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In the previous experiment, PR Twins expert Tim Spector found similar results: “We think there’s an important non-genetic factor in this, that it’s very much dependent on our gut flora.”

Indeed, scientific studies have recently shown that billions of “good germs” live in our intestines. If treated well, they will produce thousands “Chemical Components” Which should take part in keeping the body in shape. Specifically by helping the immune system fight off infection, and making sure the brain doesn’t produce feelings of hunger, stress, or depression.

So studying the microbiota of the twins was part of the experiment. His teachings? By sticking to a vegetarian diet for twelve weeks, Hugo observed “diversity of [sa] The intestinal flora is strongly reduced”, Whereas His brother says: “Mine remained the same, so I was less prone to illness.”

importance of a varied diet

According to experts, the solution to maintaining healthy intestinal flora lies in diet variety: You should be eating about thirty different types of plants per week. Food items should also be given priority who owns “Those chemical components called polyphenols are what give them a bright color or bitter taste”, such as red fruits, lemons, some seeds, but also products such as coffee, dark chocolate or red wine. Above all, the scientist specifies, it is necessary to eliminate ultra-processed food.

In short, a vegetarian diet can be considered, in some aspects, healthier than a non-vegetarian diet. But there are different types of vegetarian diets that can be unhealthy as well. Some vegetarians eat ultra-processed products because they consume “Standard Recombinant Foods”, And especially cheese or meat substitutes. Harmful choices for your health in the form of eating processed meats.

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Ultimately, the results of Ross and Hugo Turner were not so far-fetched. Hugo’s cholesterol, however, decreased on the vegetarian diet, while Ross remained the same.


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