“Veer” British won their first World Cup

England, the birthplace of cricket, defeated New Zealand in a memorable final in London on Sunday 14 July.

“England is the world champion. Not without risking a heart attack to the whole country”, Breath I, after the final “Crazy, even for crazy screenwriters”The Eoin Morgan-led team enabled the country to win the first World Cup in its history, on Sunday 14 July, in London. were completely tied with their New Zealand opponents at the end of the match. “Heroic“The English won in a breathless tie-break. “You can’t get more English than this”The British laugh every day. “After losing their last three finals, England became the sixth country to win the tournament”Established in 1975.

This group of players, after four years of hard work and incredible progress, joined the footballers of 1966 and the rugby heroes of 2003 as World Cup winners in a major men’s sport.

In the birthplace of cricket, where the practice has been in free fall for some years, “The new generation of fans are certainly fascinated, and how could not be?”, Proof of this are the live comments on the site BBC Attracted 3.9 million unique visitors and nearly 40 million views, an all-time high for the UK public broadcaster.


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