VAT on tampons and sanitary napkins abolished in Britain

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The elimination of VAT on tampons and sanitary napkins goes into effect on Friday 1 January in Britain. The government emphasizes that this measure is possible by the country’s exit from the European Union.

From our correspondent in London, Muriel Delcroix

Women’s rights groups first welcomed the abolition of the “tampon tax”, which was taxed on tampons. According to these activists, this removal marks the end of a “sexist tax”, which classified hygiene products as luxury items, non-essentials and gave a negative message on the status of women.

The decision is also political and allows Boris Johnson’s government to highlight one of the benefits of Brexit: indeed with the end of the transition period, the United Kingdom is no longer required to be taxed by European laws. 5% minimum on hygiene products.

But in reality periodic protection has already been distributed in public schools and universities in the United Kingdom for a year and in patients requiring it in public hospitals. And Scotland moved forward in November, as MEPs adopted A law allowing free access to clean security, The first in the world on this scale.

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