Variant Delta. These latest data allow a better understanding of the virus’s dangerousness

this is a report ofThe National Public Health Agency, also known as Public Health France, dissects the structural features of the delta variant. To believe the French public establishment, this news The strain is clearly more dangerous and more contagious than these predecessors, the data support.

First discovered in India in October 2020, the delta variant is responsible for the very intensity of this pandemic wave that the planet is currently experiencing. As stated in the Public Health France report updated on 28 July, “this variant is characterized by increased competitiveness compared to other variants, notably the alpha strain (formerly British)”.

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And the authors continue: “The delta version represents 87% of the sequences submitted to the Global Initiative on Sharing Avian Influenza Data (GISAID) in July and 75% when sequences from the United Kingdom are excluded”. The reporter of this study ultimately adds that this new strain is about 40 to 60% higher than the alpha strain and 60% and 30% higher than the beta and gamma variants, respectively.

“Several different data sources indicate an increase in viral load in the nasopharynx in infected people compared to alpha and other reference viral strains”, states the report of the French Public Establishment. World Health Organization (WHO), this high transmission potential of Covid-19 is clearly evident from the speed of spread of the delta variant which has since spread to 132 countries.

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Worse yet, infections have spiked in many parts of the world, with some reaching as high as 80% in the past month, according to the WHO. Let’s recall, for example, that the epidemic situation in the state, which has been stabilizing at a similarly high level (8,760 new cases detected till August 3), experienced a strong epidemic rebound for several weeks. Is. To an extent that the Ministry of Health sounded the alarm.

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Nevertheless, Public Health France outlines in its report that “these elements in favor of an increase in the severity of delta compared to alfa are preliminary and the level of confidence in these results remains limited at this stage”. Among other reasons for concern highlighted by the French public establishment, is the fact that the intergenerational interval may be shorter for deltas than for reference strains (four days instead of six).

This is equivalent to saying that the normal elapsed time between the onset of the disease in a case and the appearance of the disease in people is less than in other types. “This suggests that this delta variant may be able to replicate more quickly and be more contagious during the early stages of infection”, alert Public Health France.

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Regarding whether a fourth pandemic wave will hit the world, the report categorically declares that there is no longer any room for doubt based on the risk of contamination in France. “Work by three different teams of modelers indicates that the current circulation of the Delta version will be responsible for a pandemic wave from the month of August, the impact of which will depend on the development of coverage in terms of morbidity and mortality. Vaccine in the general population,” emphasizes the report.

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With regard to the effectiveness of the vaccines, the study misses the need to receive two vaccine injections. “However, the effectiveness of these vaccines is limited after a single dose, strongly encouraging vaccination to be ramped up so that full vaccination coverage can be extended as soon as possible”, says Public Health France.

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