Valais: PDC is eroding, but most hold the presidency

The PDC erupted in Valsa following the Sunday election of the presidents of fifteen sects in controversies. However, he still heads half the officers of the township. With PLR and UDC moving slightly, PS retains their achievements.

Twelve municipalities in the Romand region and three out of 122 in Cantt-Haute-Wallis were waiting for their president on Sunday. Among them, Collombey-Muraz, a PDC stronghold for decades, where socialist Olivier Turin garners 1,268 votes, wins bets against Christian Democrat Sandra Cottet Parvez who collects 1,018 votes.

“Olivier is the best person to occupy the city of Turin”, Velis Romand reacts to Barbara Lanthmann’s PS President Keystone-ATS. She sees it as a strong symbol in Chablis. She also believes that the alliance between the PDC and the UDC to carry Sandra Collette Pervez did not please the citizens.

PDC suffers the brunt of business

After Val de Bagnes and illegal constructions, the PDC lost a second municipality embroiled in business. Collombey-Muraz was chaired by former consultant Yannick Butte. “We are disappointed, but the result does not detract from the qualifications of our candidate, who was in front of a candidate with a canton aura as president of the Grand Council”, reacted PDC President of Wallis Romand Josim Roussis.

Overall, the PDC remains the party with the most municipal presidents in Canton. But if it is maintained in Haute-Vlais with more than thirty seats out of 63 (including elected members of coalition lists), in French-speaking Wallace it goes from 33 to 29 presidents out of 59 municipalities.

“There is a small erosion, in the logical continuation of the first round. This is a warning shot for the party and we have to close the ranks for next year’s cantons”, admits Joaquim Roussis.

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PLR exceeds its target

For its part, PLR goes from 19 Presidencies to 17 in the 122 townships of Canton. He exceeded his target of 16 posted before the ballot, according to the Secretariat for Training. The party may also win the eighteenth presidential race at the Brigadier in Wagad on Sunday, but its candidate Mathias Belwald is the chief.

For the record, PLR automatically lost three presidencies after the merger of Veras, Wenthen and Miz (the commune of Noble-Contre) as well as Charat and Martagne (commune of Marten). All five were actually liberal-radical.

Along with these two mergers, Bagnon and Volges (municipality of Val de Bagens), Canton has increased from 126 to 122 municipalities, including 59 in Valis Romand.

First Socialist President

The PS holds itself with four presidencies (Albinnon, Chipis, Avionaz, and Colombe-Muraz). Barbara Lanthmann viewed Aleonaz with the appointment of Valerie Santa Cruz-Tacchini as head of a Wallace community with “particularly joy” in the election of the first socialist woman.

As SVP, it currently holds the reins of four municipalities in Haut-Vlais (Fiestertal, Obergums, Netters, Saint-Nicolas) and won his first presidential term in Wallis Romand with Vesmens. All these presidents were peacefully elected in view of the communism of 18 October.

In the end, the Greens, who now have 13 seats in municipal officials, were left to nominate elected representatives for the presidency.

Ballot in brigade

In Brig, Sunday’s vote resulted in a tie between four candidates (2 PDCs, one PLR, one UDC) to succeed independent Louis Ursprung. Liberal-hardline Mathias Belwald has a comfortable edge with 2,173 votes.

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UDC nominee Michael Graeber indicated on the Walliser Bote website on Sunday that “people have already decided” with such a clear result in favor of radical liberalism, and the second round on November 29 will be “a waste of money” , Of time and energy “. Only PDC candidate Patrick Amos, the second best score with 700 votes of the first,” indicates that they should think about continuity “.

Over represented men

Despite the increase in the number of elected women, on the basis of gender, men are still largely represented. In total, during the next legislature, 18 women will lead the municipalities in Wallis, compared to twelve currently.

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