Vaccines, Crescent: “Increased cases in the UK? A sign that a third dose is needed”. Cartabelota: “It will also be used for the 50-59 bracket”

“In England Political choices are being paid for, because despite the high vaccination rate, but with a much lower rate than ours in the 12-19 range, there has been a ‘Free All’ with Goodbye to Maskssocial distancing, celebrations indoors and delayed the third dose. It teaches us that we are in an era of pandemic where we cannot abandon the rules of social distancing and use of masks in public places.” Like this nino cartabellotta, President of the Gimbe Foundation, D. for the microphone, analyzes the state of Covid infections that the United Kingdom is experiencing. And to clear the area of ​​the weird no wax theory, Andrea CrescentiDirector of the Department of Microbiology at the University of Padua, says: “With the Delta variant in England if they were not vaccinated at this stage it would be a genocide. It is only thanks to vaccination that we can see the effects of this particularly aggressive variant.” Cartabelota of the same opinion: “Vaccine has a delta version”, explains the audience of the conference ‘Scientific Communications: The Tough Relationship Between Science, Politics and Information’, organized by the senator elena factor in the Senate.

On the third dose, Chrisanti says: “La third dose needed Whatever is happening in it, it has come out of it. Israel and England, who started vaccination three to four months before us and saw that the potential of the vaccine protection from droplets of infection After six months the protection against complications drops from 95% to 40% and from 90% to 65%. So these numbers again raise the need to increase vaccine protection. The third dose is this: a reminder to restore immunity that has gradually subsided”. For Cartabellota, “over time, additional categories may be identified, eg 50–59 years”, beyond the categories and age groups already identified for the administration of the third dose.

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The fact is that although Italy is among the countries with the highest vaccination rates ever Over 50 2.75 million are without a single dose and about 2.4 million vaccine-exempt workers. “I’m curious to know how many people are exempt from the vaccine, because let’s say there are 7.6 million uneducated people, without knowing the people who are exempt, how much communication effort is still to be put in to ensure that There is no measure. People get vaccinated. We have about 2 million and 750 thousand more than fifty uneducated and this, on the threshold of the winter season, represents our Achilles heel of the vaccination campaign”.

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