Vaccine in Italy, Mantovani: We make no mistake in the United Kingdom


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We do not make the mistake of Britain, says Montovani, which has distributed the first dose to as many people as possible and delayed the administration of the second dose.

Alberto Mantovani, Professor Emeritus at Humanities University in Milan, does not say to make the mistake that the United Kingdom made in administering the second dose, which delayed: “It would be a mistake”.

The choice of the United Kingdom “is a gamble inspired by a dramatic situation. I do not speak from the heart, but because I have a straightforward belief: My son and my grandson live in London. Those who are not loved in England cannot imagine what. Happening, ”the professor told La Repubblica.

Professor Emeritus also said that he was concerned with a delaying situation that could trigger a legal battle between European governments and the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

In this regard, Prime Minister Charles Michel pointed out that the European Union would protect its legal rights.

“You know that the delivery of the dose was postponed for a few days, so there would be no need to worry, but if you let the months pass between the first and second injections, then yes, would be a serious problem. . “

Professors always recommend making “data-driven” options.

He said that mRNA-based vaccines, such as Modern and Pfizer-BioNotech, say the professor needed a strong booster otherwise “the primary response of our immune system is weak, but it is reinforced by boosters,” he said.

Adenoviruses, on the other hand, are designed to predict a single dose, although “the Oxford team then opted to add a second dose,” Mantovani said.

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