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France: Kovid-19 causes significant mortality

In 2020, France recorded, a year marked by the Kovid-19 epidemic, 53,900 more deaths than in 2019, ie a 9% higher death rate from all causes, according to the National Institute of Statistics, Economic Studies (Insee). 667,400 killed. Never in its recent history, France had recorded such a significant death rate in a year. This is 53,900 more than in 2018 and 2019, a 9% increase and the figures could be redefined in the coming weeks. पढ़ें Also read: Kovid-19: Curfew at 6 pm. Normalized in metropolitan France since Saturday if population growth and its aging could be considered part of this record mortality, the Kovid-19 epidemic caused two peaks in spring and autumn. In particular, more than 2,000 deaths were recorded in France almost every day between 16 March and 19 April. The decline in crime and accidents, despite the decline in crime and road accidents due to imprisonment, has a high mortality rate mainly concerned, according to INSEE data, people over the age of 65, while those under 25 died. The number declined by 6%. Finally, the last significant data is that the French regions with the highest mortality rates are Grand-est and Ile-de-France which increased by 13% and 18% respectively, the two places most affected by the first wave of 2019. .

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