Vaccine Export Control: Changes in Brussels

The British Prime Minister had expressed to the President of the European Commission his “grave concern” about the restrictions imposed on the delivery of vaccines against coronoviruses. The European Union has therefore left Northern Ireland.

Brussels on Friday included Northern Ireland in the vaccine export control mechanism announced earlier today after the British vaccine accused of compromising Brexit deals on the island of Ireland. “Under the finalization of this measure, the Commission will ensure that the Ireland / Northern Ireland protocol is not affected”, assured the European Executive in a press release.

Contrary to its initial intent, the Commission does not “trigger a clause”, which is exceptionally competent for vaccines, for vaccines, the withdrawal of customs and customs controls between Ireland and the EU member from this protocol Intended to avoid. And the British province of Northern Ireland. To maintain peace on this island.

A control system

During a meeting in the evening with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his “grave concern” about the intentions of the European Union. To counter delays in the delivery of vaccines from the AstraZeneca laboratory, the European Union has established a mechanism to control shipments outside the European Union of Kovid vaccines produced there and to ban non-“legitimate” exports.

The text adopted on Friday by Europeans provides for the consideration of Northern Ireland as an export area for vaccines, which goes against the Northern Irish Protocol endowed within the framework of Brexit. But the European Union had allowed an article to be implemented if it allows the application of this protocol to take some extraordinary measures due to “serious economic, social or environmental reasons”.

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The text had angered both Northern Ireland officials, with Prime Minister Arlene Foster referring to “an incredibly hostile act”, and a member of the European Union, the government of the Republic of Ireland. If it eventually ceases to use this article, the Commission believes it will “consider using all devices at its disposal” in the event that “the effects of the transit of vaccines and active substances from third countries” Had to be abused to mitigate. ” Authorization System “.

“A positive development”

Irish Prime Minister Michel Martin, who expressed his “concern”, welcomed “a positive development”. A spokesman for Boris Johnson said, “The UK has legally binding agreements with vaccine suppliers and does not expect the EU to impede the implementation of these contracts as a friend and ally.”

The UK imports Pfizer and BioNotech anti-Kovid vaccines from a Belgian factory. The European Union has also asked the AstraZeneca laboratory to use the production of factories located in the United Kingdom to provide the promised doses from Twenty-Seven. This could affect the vaccination schedule of British authorities, who have authorized the vaccine for several weeks, approved by the European regulator on Friday.

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