Vaccinations: Morocco has a comfortable stock of over 14 million doses

The total number of doses administered since the start of the vaccination campaign on 6 November has exceeded 48 million.

This is exactly 48,072,306 doses distributed as follows (as of Saturday, November 6, 2021):

-D1 : 23.308.294


-d3 : 1.516.759

With regard to arrival status, Morocco has received 63,070,200 doses of all types of vaccines, since deliveries began on 30 October.

In total, Morocco currently has a stockpile of 14.9 million doses.

Here are the amounts obtained by the type of vaccine and the required balance.

>> SinoPharm: 46.8 million doses received; 4.5 is coming.

Morocco’s order for a Chinese vaccine has gone up from 40.5 million doses at the start of the pandemic to 50 million doses. On this order, the Kingdom received 45.5 million doses.

So it is yet to receive 4.5 million doses, unless there is a change in the sequence.

Morocco has also received 1.3 million doses of Sinoform under the Kovax program.

>> Pfizer: 6.4 million doses received; 3.6 Awaiting delivery.

Morocco has ordered 10 million doses of the US vaccine. Delivery is done in small batches, all of them must be shipped before the end of the year.

To date, over 6.4 million doses have been distributed. Morocco awaits an additional 3.6 million doses.

Morocco also received 850,590 doses of Pfizer under the Covax program.

>> AstraZeneca: 8.7 million doses received; No visibility for the future.

Thanks to the Covax program, last deliveries of the AstraZeneca vaccine begin in September. To date, Morocco has received 7 million doses between January and February as part of a direct order placed with the laboratory and awarded by the Serum Institute of India (SII). On an initial order of 25.5 million doses – revised downwards to the best of our knowledge – till date no deliveries have resumed, India still not authorized export of anti-covid.

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Morocco, on the other hand, has received 1.72 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine produced in South Korea through the Covax program.

>> Janssen: More than 300,000 doses received as part of Kovax.

As part of the Covax program, a small batch of 302,400 doses of the US single-dose Janssen vaccine has been supplied to Morocco.

>> COVAX: 4.1 million doses received

The Covax program distributed 4.1 million doses of various vaccines to Morocco (quantities by type of vaccine above, editor’s note). According to UNICEF’s forum, Morocco still has 1.6 million doses allocated.

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