Vaccination | Pregnant women will consume it from Wednesday

A difficult dilemma in vision for pregnant women, which occurs until Wednesday, are those occurring before vaccination. The National Institute of Public Health, acknowledging the lack of data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in their state, recommends them to apply RNA vaccines.

Louise LeducLouise Leduc

This is according to a National Institute of Public Health (INSPQ) opinion received on Tuesday that the Legaul government has now decided to give priority to pregnant women, as well as people with disabilities or those suffering from chronic illness.

In its opinion, INSPQ writes that “Vaccination against COVID-19 should be offered to a pregnant woman. For these women, an RNA vaccine is preferred for the availability of more safety data with this type of product.

INSPQ also writes that “the risk of complications from COVID-19 in pregnant women, although seen in the elderly, is higher than the risk for younger women.”

This risk is higher for pregnant women with pre-existing health problems such as diabetes or obesity. It is said that pregnant women who give birth prematurely contract COVID-19.

That being said, not all INSPQ states that we do clinical trials on pregnant or lactating women. There is also a lack of data on the safety of RNA vaccines in early pregnancy. “The National Advisory Committee on Immunization mentions that it would make sense to delay pregnancy for at least 28 days after vaccination.”

Now giving preference to pregnant women, the government of Quebec is thus supporting Canadian sociologists and gynecologists. Very concerned about the increase in the number of intensive care patients in Ontario last week, the organization took a strong stance in this direction.

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