Vaccination obligation canceled, election reform blocked: Black Thursday for Biden

Jay‘Hopefully we’ll get there, but I’m not sure’, he acknowledged, clearly stressed, about his great legislation to protect African-Americans’ access to elections. He had walked into the Capitol for a meeting with Democratic senators devoted to the project, which is extremely rare.

“If we fail the first time, we can try a second time”However, added the 79-year-old president, who continues to fight.

blocked in the Senate

In the evening, he met Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Kirsten Cinemas, two moderate Democrats who are currently blocking the project. The meeting, which lasted about an hour and 20 minutes and ended shortly before 7 pm (00 am GMT), was “A frank and respectful exchange of views on voting rights”A White House official said.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, can do nothing after the Supreme Court ruling that blocked his decision to either introduce an anti-Covid vaccine or routine testing in companies with more than 100 employees. he said to himself “disappoint”, The measure, a darling of Joe Biden, was condemned by elected Republicans as an abuse of power. In a country where only 62% of the population has been fully vaccinated, the issue reveals deep political divisions. However, the High Court recognized the obligation to vaccinate for employees of health structures that benefit from federal funds.

This spate of bad news slightly undermines the political credence of an already very unpopular president and who has probably made huge promises, leaving little room for maneuver. Joe Biden has thus promised to protect access to ballot boxes for minorities and to defend transparency of voting operations, especially in the face of a multitude of reforms undertaken by conservative states in the south of the country.

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NGOs assure that these measures adopted by Republicans specifically discriminate against African-Americans, who voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden in the last election. To block, the Democratic president wants to harmonize voting practices and give the federal state a say in local initiatives.

Movies and Munchkin, The Spoilsports

For the Senate to pass this major reform, the majority would in theory need an increase of 60 votes. However, the Democratic camp has Vice-President Kamala Harris and Republicans more than 50 votes. Unable to convince opposition senators, fiercely opposed, the Democrats have only one solution to save their project: break this parliamentary custom and enforce a simple majority.

But this maneuver was first torpedoed by Kirsten Cinema. According to Arizona Senator, This Strategy Will Only Fuel the Boost “Monstrous Spiral of Division”, Joe Manchin, another centrist senator who once blocked Joe Biden’s massive $1.85 trillion social program alone, said in a statement that he would not “Won’t Vote to Eliminate or Diminish” This augmented majority rule.

The two elected officials themselves are in favor of reform, but they have never made a secret of their attachment to the 60-vote limit – even in a political landscape, as perhaps never, where, Donald Trump’s turbulent After the mandate, partisan dialogue. If not impossible, it has become extremely difficult. Without his voice, improvisation is doomed.

feeling of helplessness

This Black Thursday brutally reminds Joe Biden that he has little latitude. Following the appointments made by Donald Trump, he has to deal with a Congress that he doesn’t really control, conservative states in open rebellion over many topics (abortion, voting rights, health strategy, etc.), and now a very conservative one. Supreme Court.

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In a few months, Joe Biden risks losing any majority in Congress in midterm legislative elections. He would then, in fact, be paralyzed until the next presidential election.

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