Vaccinated Italians in Great Britain are excluded from the Green Pass –

From Luigi Ippolito

Our country does not recognize the legality of vaccinations carried out by the British health system. Our compatriots living in the UK are in limbo

from our correspondent
London – Green Pass available from 6 August, But hundreds of thousands of Italians are at risk of being ousted.: are residents of Great Britain who have made the vaccine overseas. Because Italy, almost a unique case in Europe, still does not recognize the legality of vaccination administered by the British health system.

a hard case to explain, because they’re fine 19 EU countries Those that already provide full equivalents to British vaccines include: Germany, France, Spain, Greece. For those coming from London in those places, Only show proof that you have received the vaccines And all in order.

Instead, Italians arriving from London find themselves in limbo: and in August there are thousands of them. They return to Italy to spend the holidays Or visit family members. Ironically, they risk not being able to go to the cinema with friends or eat pizza (indoors) with relatives.

Great Britain can be deemed boycotted if they do not use EU-recognized vaccines: But in London the same dosage of AstraZeneca or Pfizer is given which is used in Italy. Hence the lack of equality is not explained.

It is a matter of considerable size, as it lives in Great Britain. Largest community of Italians abroad: who benefited from the special success of the British vaccination campaign. There are practically no pretentious or hesitant politicians in and around London: The level of membership was massive And alarming news about the potential risks of vaccines was ignored. so also The Italians of Great Britain were able to be vaccinated earlier than many other Europeans: To prove it, you can download the National Health Service’s app, which updates your status, or have a paper certificate sent home. But all this, for the Italian authorities, is not enough for the time being.

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