USS Roosevelt Great inverting Navy chose to support the fire of the captain of the aircraft carrier, which he warned about the coronavirus outbreak

USS Roosevelt Great inverting Navy chose to support the fire of the captain of the aircraft carrier, which he warned about the coronavirus outbreak

The investigation concluded that Captain Brett Crozier made other bad decisions in response to the epidemic.

In addition, from both sources, Strike Group Commander Back Management Stuart Baker said he would be held responsible for bad decision making and his promotion would be suspended.

Senior Navy officials confirmed the news at a press conference in the Pentagon on Friday.

“I will not be reassigning Captain Brett Crozier as commander of USS Theodore Roosevelt, nor will he be eligible for future command. Captain Crozier will be reassigned. Previously, I believed that Captain Crozier should be reinstated after his relief in April. After conducting a first investigation. We conducted a much wider, deeper investigation that we did in the following weeks, with a much deeper scope. “Marine Operations Chief Michael Gilday told reporters.

“Both Admiral Baker Captain Crozier was much shorter than we expected from the commanders. If I knew what I knew today, I wouldn’t make this recommendation to reinstate Captain Crozier. Also, if Captain Crozier was still commanding today, I would have relieved him.”

Although Crozier survived the ship’s command, he is expected to remain in the navy.

Crozier initially said in April that acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly, who later resigned, was a bad decision, since he widely spread a warning about the spread of the virus to his ship, a warning that eventually led to the press.

US aircraft carrier hit coronavirus outbreak back to sea

Several defense officials told CNN that the Navy initially suggested that Crozier be brought back to the ship’s command after a further preliminary investigation of that month.

Officials told CNN that he was very confident that the Navy’s Pentagon leadership would approve the proposal to restore Crozier. Navy Secretary James E. McPherson served to initiate a broader investigation.

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The fallout from the outbreak in Roosevelt, which spread to more than 1000 crew members before the Navy released data on the number of infected seafarers, sparked a major controversy that led to Modly’s resignation within the Navy.

Crozier’s note, which started the chain of events, warned the Navy leadership that a determined action is needed to save the life of the ship crew. “We are not at war. The seafarers do not have to die. If we do not act now, we cannot properly deal with our most trusted asset, our Marines.”

Mod resigned days after handling the incident, he carried out actions involving a $ 240,000 trip to Guam, as he hit Croamier and made the crew publicly sent Crozier to the sailors.

“I believe there is any time to ask for help,” in the Crozier email, in an email that directly knows the message that an American official has verified the content to CNN.

The email was sent immediately to Crozier’s senior Baker and several other Navy officials in the area.

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The investigation did not accuse Crozier of adding the email and note, but failed because he did not have all the facts he had, left people to see, and did not warn that he had already sent Baker.

In his note, Crozier asked the Navy leaders to take urgent steps to address the situation.

“Decisive action is required. Removing the majority of staff from the US nuclear carrier deployment and isolating for two weeks may seem like an extraordinary measure.”

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“This is a necessary risk. It ensures the health and safety of our seafarers, while ensuring the return of the carrier and air wing as quickly as possible. Keeping more than 4,000 young men and women in TR is an unnecessary risk and break. He entrusted our trust in our sailors to our faith,” he said. added Crozier.

Following the first mission of Crozier, the video of the crew applauded as he left the aircraft carrier became viral on the Internet and asked several MPs to be restored.

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