Usain Bolt Took a Sprint in Esports as Co-Founder of Wilde

Wild Originally a fledgling esports organization created by Stephen Daly and David Cronin during the pandemic.

It is active globally, with its head office in Ireland, roots in the Caribbean and represents France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, Slovenia, Spain and many other professional teams and players.

recently, Wild Spoke with your team by portraying yourself Valorant in the French tournament.

It’s 31st March, Usain Bolt, The holders of 8 gold medals at the Olympic Games, therefore, have officially joined the structure, becoming co-owners.

,I’ve been a gamer all my life, it’s a big community and it’s only getting bigger, esports has gotten so big that people are running out of it‘ he said in the video trailer below.

,I’ve always been with brands trying to grow and do the best“He completed it.

trailer videos

Usain Bolt joins the many athletes and sports clubs that are currently investing in the competitive video game (esports) sector.

we especially think Neymar Jr., who has recently signed a partnership with Facebook Gaming or David Beckham Present with the Guild Esports Team

full team information Wild Available at

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