USA-Russia summit: Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin set record straight

US President Joe Biden and his counterpart Vladimir Putin met in Geneva on Monday for their first bilateral summit aimed at discussing a range of topics of common interest at a time when relations between the two countries have stalled. His summit was shorter than expected.

The first meeting between the two men came after the two men shook hands in front of the cameras after being greeted by Swiss President Guy Parmelin, who wished him well.

Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutin tried to show a good face but the scope of this summit has already been announced. The two men held separate press conferences before returning to Moscow and Washington.

“I hope our meeting will be productive,” said the Russian president, thanking Joe Biden for taking the initiative for the meeting. Vladimir Putin wants Russia to respect Western countries who accuse him of destabilizing activities, in particular fake news, espionage and digital espionage.

The two countries that should discuss issues related to technologies, regional conflicts in progress, can find some points of convergence. But for now, the diplomacy of the two powers is at a standstill as each ambassador has been recalled to his country.

“We try to determine where we have common interests and where we can cooperate. And when it doesn’t, establish a predictable and rational way to deal with our disagreements,” said Joe Biden , which advocates face-to-face contact.

This summit of the “two great powers” anticipated the tenant of the White House, trying to take a step towards Russia by restoring the image of Russia. However, Joe Biden has promised to be clear about his differences with Vladimir Putin.

“We have agreed to start consultations on cyber security,” Vladimir Putin said at a news conference after their summit.

On Monday, at the end of the NATO summit held in Brussels, Joe Biden confirmed that the United States “does not want a conflict with Russia, but we will respond if Russia continues its activities”. Joe Biden took an express tour of Europe to strengthen his alliance with the West.

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