USA: Nintendo Switch sales now exceed PS4

Yes Latest Financial Statements Published by Nintendo showed that global sales of have down 20% year over yearlatest console from Nintendo Yet its meteoric rise continues and can now be relied upon total fleet of 107.65 million copies, In the United States, for its fifth year of marketing, the Nintendo Switch is still doing exactly that. according to NPD Group which regularly publishes sales figures for all games and all consoles in the United States, Nintendo Switch still is (since last April) sales of the fourth best-selling console of all time in the United States, just behind the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS2 (which currently remains the best-selling console in the United States.) Nintendo Switch In the United States therefore has already overtaken PS4. a real feat.

April 2022 NPD Report Highlights: – Switch surpasses PS4 in Lifetime US sales, now fourth best-selling console behind PS2, 360, Wii – PS5 still in unit sales for 2022 in the United States Behind the Switch and Xbox series, 4 months in a year. it’s still rare

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