USA designates 4 Chinese media outlets as foreign diplomatic missions

David Stilwell, Deputy Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Monday that China Central Television will have to report the details of the US staff of the China News Service, People’s Daily and Global Times, and what real estate assets are in the U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“These assets are not effectively independent news organizations, but are effectively controlled by the Chinese Communist Party … also known as propaganda outlets,” Stilwell said. Said. “Moreover … our action will increase transparency in information control not only among government propaganda institutions but also among legitimate journalists and news meetings in China.”

For the second time, the United States identified Chinese media outlets as foreign institutions and required them to comply with rules and regulations covering diplomatic missions.

Appointments come from the fact that US-China ties merge depending on trade, the future of Hong Kong, and the coronavirus pandemic. The general election is a little over four months after President Donald Trump’s re-election is uncertain and awaits a chaotic global economy due to the virus, to shift the crime to China within the White House and among allies of the Republic of the Republic and to prevent the virus from spreading to a global pandemic. not acting fast and transparent.

The announcement about the four Chinese media outlets came just days after Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton emerged from a new book. Trump Chinese President Xi Jinping for help winning the 2020 election.

“Although the Chinese Communist Party has always tightly controlled China’s state news agencies, its control has tightened in recent years, especially for decades,” Stilwell said.

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“These people do more than just propaganda, we have to know who they are to fully understand exactly what it is. This is about understanding what is happening in your own country; we are a free nation.”

Earlier this year, the United States identified five other Chinese outlets as foreign missions and limited the number of Chinese journalists working in these US publications.

China fired journalists from the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked Americans working in Chinese media to share personal information

When asked about the effectiveness of this effort, given the retaliation of when China’s U.S. Department of State last performed this action, Stilwell said, “Whatever the Chinese government does. You can’t say they did it in particular, because we do it to them. It’s just an excuse. “

Stilwell and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Morgan Ortagus, emphasized the lack of freedom of the Chinese media, while making a positive contrast with the US media, Ortagus did not allow Bolton to ask a question about his book, which strangled Trump by trying to do good with Xi.

CNN’s Vivian Salama contributed to this report.

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