USA and Great Britain want to save jet fighter from Russia

After a jet fighter crashed over the Mediterranean Sea, the US and Great Britain are trying to quickly recover the wreckage. NATO fears that Russia will lock up the states.

The armed forces of the United States and Great Britain are in a race with Russia to rescue a stealth jet that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea. “We’ll get to it first, I promise you,” US Brigadier General Simon Doran said aboard the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth on Monday. The F-35B fighter jet crashed into the sea last Wednesday after taking off from the carrier.

The pilots managed to escape from the plane using the ejector seat. There were fears within NATO that Russia might first try to salvage the sunken plane to gain insight into the secret technology.

“Very unfortunate incident”

“We are not worried about recovery,” said General Tim Radford, NATO’s deputy supreme allied commander in Europe. However, the army refused to give any further details about the rescue operation.

The commander of the nine-ship Allied Combat Group led by HMS Queen Elizabeth, Steve Moorhouse, called the loss of the F-35B “an extremely unfortunate event” and “a setback”. However, he emphasized: “the reliability of the aircraft and confidence in the project have not diminished”.

The UK has so far received 21 F-35Bs built by the US, most for its two modern aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. The F-35B is designed for short runways and vertical landings.

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