US presidential election 2020 in live ticker: Biden calls Trump’s behavior “embarrassment”

As before, there are allegations of election fraud Donald Trump Is not conclusive. But now the US Attorney General William Barr According to media reports, prosecutors have been allowed to investigate the allegations before the final results are announced. So this in a letter from the minister to the prosecutors, about which, among other things, “Washington Post” And this “Wall Street Journal” message.

However, Barr named one condition: “While serious allegations must be handled with great care Cliché, speculative, imaginary or distant claims are unfounded To launch a federal investigation, ”wrote Barr.

According to the Attorney General, if there are “clearly and credible allegations of irregularities”, such proceedings can be initiated, which could affect the election result in the state. “I authorize you In some cases, prosecuting against sufficient charges of voting and counting irregularities before confirming elections in their jurisdictionAs I have already done in some cases, ”he wrote in the letter.

Barr said, however, that the meaning of his letter should not be construed that the Department of Justice had indeed exposed the voting irregularities that affected the election result.

The letter was the first time Barr repeated allegations of alleged election fraud. Prior to this, Barr had an agreement with the majority leader of the Republican Senate Mitch McConnell Mill, who said on Monday that Trump had the right to investigate allegations of “irregularities”.

Typically, prosecutors are allowed to act only after the final results are available. After the election on 3 November, depending on local law, it may take a few days or weeks. States must report their certified final results to Washington no later than December 8.

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