US Open 2020: Bryson de Chambia storms New York’s wing for the first major title

US Open 2020: Bryson de Chambia storms New York's wing for the first major title
-6 B. Dichambue (USA); E M. Wolf (USA); +2 El Ostuegen (SA); +3 H English (US); +4 X Scaffold (US); +5 D. Johnson (USA), W. Jalatoris (USA)
Others selected: +6 R. McLaughlin (NI), J. Thomas (U.S.), T. Fino (U.S.); +7 L. Westwood (Eng.), P. Reed (USA); +8 P Casey (Engg); +10 J. Raham (Spa); +15 S. Lori (Irie)

American Bryson Dichambu created a great final-round display to win the US Open by six shots and claim the first big title of his career.

The 27-year-old was the only player in New York’s infamous Wing Foot.

Renowned for his great-hit method, the world number nine with maturity and composer showed a great three-under 67 by crossing six under to win.

Matthew Wolf faded to nine behind and recorded 75 in second place in the second tier.

South Africa’s Louis Ostuejan, who finished third in two overs, and Northern Ireland’s Rory McLaughlin were the only non-Americans to make it into the top ten.

Fourth World McLarey finished the joint eighth at the end of the joint5 overs, including two double bogeys in two overs after the final-55, and England’s Lee Westwood stroked further back.

De Chambeu, who started two days behind the 21-year-old overnight leader Wolf, was the only player in the under-par round on Sunday.

Playing for the first time in 33 shots, he was firmly in control until the final stretch – two equal levels and a birdie and eight purses in his final nine holes.

Wolf, who was hoping to make his first Championship debut since Francis Wuimet in 1907, fired four shots into the run-in as pressure mounted.

Dichambue became the second player to win the men’s US Open at Wing Foot with the same score, joining 1964 champion Fuzzy Jeweler.

“It’s just an honor, it’s been a lot of hard work,” he said

“Around nine o’clock, when I first thought it might be a reality I made a le gull, I was shocked to be able to do it myself and thought ‘I can do it’.

“Then I said, ‘No, you have to focus on each hole.’ Over the last nine, I said, ‘No, you still have three, four, five holes, whatever they were.’

“I had to keep the focus and make sure I got the most out of every shot.”

The ‘scientist’ Dichambiu has proved the skeptics wrong

Bryson Dchambou was the only player to finish the tournament in a tie.

Dechamb’s unique methods have divided opinion since he became a professional in 2011. Fans consider him innovative, with critics calling him annoying.

Ex-physics students’ tests have seen him dubbed ‘The Scientist’, shaking with large-sized grips, all his clubs cutting to the same length and most recently piled up more than 40 pounds last year.

This helped him become the longest average driver on the PGA Tour last season, and during the build-up to the US Open he said he would try to strengthen the winged West Course.

De Chambeu claims that he has a daily diet of 3,000-3,500 calories for muscle growth that packs in 400g of protein, and that his length outside the tee has helped fuel the debate over whether tournament balls should be introduced.

But in the midst of all the anger, fuss, and power struggles, the American mamronek showed a great composer and an air of peace to carry out his game plan on a great final day.

Obsessive Dichambue was within practice range on Saturday night after hitting only three fairways during the third round of 70.

He erased the lead of Wolf’s two shots through four holes. Wolf Par-Three finished third before his first day at the champ rotated Birdie Dichambi.

When Wolf fired another shot at five, Dichambeu was the only leader.

The duo played the eighth to give the rest of the field a soft gift, just to convert a two-horse race into a pair of agglomeration cards in the fifth-ninth.

It soon turned into a dichambi procession.

The frustrated Wolf, who won a great title for five leads under under 5 on Saturday, fell to the team at 10 and 14, winning his second big appearance before Double Brozy finished any slim hopes at the age of 16.

“I’ve fought hard. Things just didn’t go my way,” Wolf said. “But the first US Open, the second place is something to be proud of.”

De Chambeo, who finished fourth with Wolf at the US PGA Championships last month, rolled another birdie in 11 and finished the not-free back nine.

That means, as he headed to the 18th team with a six-shot lead, there would be none of the drama present with the last US Open on stage at Wing Foot, when Jeff Ogilvy won with a stroke in five overs after Phil Mickelson. And Colin Montgomery has recently doubled.

Instead, de Chambiau was able to find his camera and love his family while walking down the ocean floor and happily throwing his hands in the air, walking down the final fair path.

He became only the third player after the NCAA standout title, the US Fancy title and the US Open Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

McLaughlin’s hopes were dashed at first

McLarey, a four-time major champion, said he felt he had a chance if he was within six shots on the final day.

And there were gaps in leader Wolff during Sunday’s disappointment, but the prospect of winning a second U.S. Open title and the first major in six years opened up quickly with a double partner early on.

McLaughlin’s T-shot found Fairweight and he was above the green in two parts, his first attempt failing to rise to the top of the surface and turning back to him after he turned 90-feet to four-put.

The 31-year-old added two more boogies before giving shots to the ninth and 11th titles, but a couple in the 15th and a double in the 1st saw him fade again.

McIlroy’s first was not the only play, as Harris English, who started the day at level par, roughly lost his ball to the left of the opening fairway and had to return to the tee.

Club members were in the spotlight throughout the week, but despite their efforts and the English and player Shandar Schaffel, the ball was not found within three minutes.

The English came back in fourth place in three overs with Scaffold, one of their favorite favorites before the tournament, further behind.

Dustin Johnson, the world number one, came in the week with two wins in the last four events and two finishes in second place, and advanced to the final round to reach a final for the sixth run in five overs.

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