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ALGIERS: In Muslim countries, during the month of Ramadan, television channels are reorganized to suit the lifestyles of their viewers, adapting their programming by offering hidden cameras, cooking shows and finally soap operas.

Two of them, Ennahar TV and Ekorouk TV, which are widely followed in Algeria, are currently in the crosshairs of the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority (ARAV) after broadcasting scenes that were “injurious to the moral values ​​of Algerian society”. is believed. ,

On Tuesday, the Ennahar television channel was the first target of the wrath of conservative viewers. His soap opera Haub el Moulok, which has so far been a relative success, has been suspended.

In fact, the management of Ennahar TV had ordered to stop the telecast of the program on the instructions of the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority (ARAV). The cause called for: the spread of “obscene” views that go against the tenets of Islam.

“Haub el Moulok” is a Tunisian-Algerian series that brings together a number of actors from both countries. There are no subversive words in the shocking scene, but it will be a look from actor to actress who was deemed obscene.

“We saw in one episode of the series scenes, the content of which is detrimental to the sanctity of the month of Ramadan and the religious and moral values ​​of the Algerian people”, ARAV explained in its press release.

Today, it is the turn of the series “Babar El Loh” at the center of a controversy widely circulated on social networks.
This soap opera is criticized, even . also to advocate for the subjects of Infidelity, blasphemy and immoral acts.

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The regulatory authority said it is now looking into the matter of the soap opera in a press release, “after complaints received and circulated in various social networks on redundancy that affects the sanctity and principles of the holy month of Ramadan Our Dharma through a few episodes of the series “Babar El Loh” aired on Ramadan evenings by Ikorouk TV. »

Director of Ennahar TV and Director of Ekorouk TV ARAV. called by

ARAV summoned the managers of Ennahar TV and Echorouk to provide clarification on the sequences deemed “inappropriate”.

“The Director of the channel has specifically recognized the blunder committed in spite of the channel’s efforts to provide programs suited to the foundation of the society during this holy month”, specified ARAV in its press release.

However, in the meantime, the director defended himself, accusing the social network of creating scandalous photo montages, giving the impression that the scenes are suggestive. “We did not see that it was a scene that could hurt the sensibilities of the audience. Precautions were taken during filming to respect the audience in both countries. Which she vehemently denies.

In the same context, the director of the Ikorock TV channel provided an explanation, denying the channel’s broadcast of these scenes”, arguing that “the soap opera in issue was broadcast on other platforms in the last year entirely without censorship, who allowed some. For publishing scenes contrary to the principles and values ​​of Algerian society on social networks, then credit them to the Echorouk channel, which has the right to broadcast this soap opera only on television”.

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The Competent Authority concluded the matter by declaring that “After examining the response elements of the Channel Manager and viewing the contents of the episodes aired by the channel, ARAV asked the channel to provide an explanation for the public opinion and released his responsibility for these scenes,” the same source said.

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