US Election 2020: Trump flew to revitalize Florida – but the gray vote is probably turning against him. US News

US Election 2020: Trump flew to revitalize Florida - but the gray vote is probably turning against him.  US News

There was no acknowledgment of weakness from the president as he landed from Air Force One at Sanford International Airport – he crowded into a brief frenzy as people applauded his brief return.

Eleven days after his announcement Coronavirus, Donald Trump triumphantly punched the wind, claiming he was resistant, masked in the audience and offered to kiss “boys and beautiful women”.

If he could go through the crowd with determination, it is not unrealistic for some to think of taking him on offer.

Excluding this, however, Mr. Trump is now a queer negative, and according to his doctors, everything else was pretty much felt in 2016: music, applause – I thought I was going to spend time.

Over Trump’s four years I’ve seen the same enthusiasm covering but it wasn’t so feverish, he didn’t seem animated or strong enough.

Some have said he could beat Florida as a result of the president’s control of the epidemic

He still inspires people here and I told him to throw lots of people as strong survivors, because they describe the myths described by liberals as carnivirus deadly.

Many in the crowd think the virus has been exaggerated and the president is keeping living proof of how anyone can come back quickly.

A political bounce that he needs. Some polls put him significantly behind here, others put him on the neck and neck with Mr. Biden.

In reality, the state is often won or lost by a thin margin of razors. The fact that the President returned to the state on Friday shows that he is not taking anything for granted. There is no Republican way to win without Florida

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Villagers call it “Disneyland for the Elderly” but there’s a battle going on away from manicured lawns and innate laughter … golf carts – the preferred vehicle here.

It’s usually a Republican stronghold – but it has a twist

In general, it is reliably a Republican stronghold – but it has a twist.

Last week, about 400 people on four hundred wheels under the banner “Readin for Biden” dared to ride around. This is a warning sign for a president who has done so well since the 2016 seniors vote.

Surveyors say Mr. Trump’s response to the epidemic and how he handled the incident in his own face damaged his position with 655 and more voters.

Efren, who took me to ride in his rainbow-colored Beadon Wagon, said the president’s response to the epidemic “would be a huge factor for voters.”

He believes that is enough to defeat Mr. Trump in Florida.

I ask a group of 10 women – all kinds of enthusiastic neon dancing – who they are voting for.

Six Biden says four are in favor of Trump. Some tell me they’ve had enough, it comes down to all the characters and the ability to manage.

One described Mr. Trump as “completely incompetent.”

But Ginny Mantel believes the region, like the rest of the country, will once again be in Trump’s favor.

“This is Trump’s territory,” he says. “We have 60000-700 cars and two weeks later Biden came up and they got 100. They’re redefining Biden because they can’t train Trump.”

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